Friday, 7 January 2011


The programme I am going to be using for making the Promotional CD case for the bands first single is a popular programme called Digipak. It consists of a cardboard casing with a out of stock binding. Similarly to a conventional CD case it has one or more plastic compartments to holding the disc. The casing will have aproximately four sides so I can design it to appeal to my target audience.

The aspects I will need to consider when designing the layout are specifics like colour scheme, font size and style and the style of language I will use to attract the correct audience and interest them in buying the the final product. In the foldout leaflet for this casing I can also include background information about the band to give their audience an understanding of the image they wish to create for themselves and the covert message behind the track it's self. The lyrics for 'On Your Own Again'; the song the band have chosen to play for the promotional video will also need to be featured in the leaflet. This will be both useful and beneficial to the selected target audience as they can gain more of an understanding of the track. It will also be an entertaining aspect as I believe the song has a catchy riff which will stick in the audiences mind causing them to sing the track. This will also boost the publicity for Mox Pox making them more popular with their audience and create a fan base of interest.

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  1. Rather than the 'correct' audience, refer them as the 'target audience'. When writing about use of colour, font, etc. you must address the concept of a 'brand image'.