Monday, 22 November 2010

Target Audience.

After interviewing the band and asking specific questions and details about them, I discovered the target audience for the band will be 14-30 years of age. However, they may attract an older audience because of the retrospective aspect to their music and image. Theirs, and my main aim, as a media producer, is to send a message across to the audience. The image I would like to give an audience The genders can be unisex, a mix of both male and female as I believe the band have features which attract both sex's.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Mox Pox... Meet The Band.


As well as singer and lead guitarist Josh also writes songs for the band with the assistance of fellow band member Jack, (Bassist.) When attending band practise last Saturday afternoon I asked Josh what made him decide to play guitar and he told me he was influenced by a famous guitar riff he heard from his school music room. It was Deep Purple 'Smoke on The water' and ever since learning that riff Josh has always had a passion for guitar and has experimented with electric keyboard and also piano. A memory he will always have from his first gig was when the bass was not plugged in but his band member continued to play. Before joining Mox Pox Josh was in a former band known as Crimson Shell with good friend and bassist to Mox Pox Jack Evison. Some of his previous gig venues include B2, Battle of The Bands at Sewell Park College, and The Reindeer Pub. Although Mox Pox are only in their early stages he has high hopes they will perform at local Norwich venue The Arts Centre. When asked how ideas and inspiration are formed for song writing Josh replied "Many come from small rhymes and lines in my head, but also life experiences too."


When speaking to Jack about how he first discovered he wanted to play bass he had a very interesting story to tell. He told me although he already played guitar he was influenced by band member and best friend Josh Harbord to purchase a bass guitar as he thought it would be good to form a band. In order to buy his bass Jack turned down the opportunity to see well known band Oasis play live on their very last tour. Jack can also play harmonica and did so in many blues numbers such as 'Station Blues' a song he wrote in his last band 'Crimson Shell.' Jack is no stranger to the public and performing, as he is a performing arts and drama student at the Kett sixth form and also plays local 'open Mic Evenings' at the brickmakers to which he prefers to perform The Jam covers such as 'A Town Called Malice' His first gig was also with a Jam cover band and Jack is heavily influenced and inspired by singer songwriter Paul Weller. Jack thought about playing the drums but decided bass was the instrument for him. Jack's style has been considered quite unique and he likes to base his clothing around vintage and late 50's and 60's fashion.


Thomas Buxton is man of many musical skills as not only does he drum for the band he can also play guitar and bass. Although he is open to the diversity of 'Mox Pox' punk has not always been his first musical preference as he was in a heavy metal band and played his first gig at a local pub. Buxton is a large fan of Biffy Clyro and Cream.


When speaking to Lily at band practise she seemed very positive and excited to be part of Mox Pox. I asked her what inspired her to start to play synthesizer and she simply said, "Because I thought it looked cool." Lily bought one with money she received from she received from her birthday and has been playing it ever since adding new and diverse sounds to the songs written by the band. Some of Lily's strong influences are 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' and also 'Crystal Castles' many of these bands inspired Lily to play synth as they are a new sort of sound she enjoys and and thinks an audience will enjoy. Being the only female member of the band Lily is very stylish in her clothing and bases her fashion in the 50's. Mox Pox is a new venture for Lily as she has never performed in a band on a live stage before.