Monday, 28 March 2011

Evaulation On Prezi.

Friday, 4 March 2011

DVD Advert

To create the magazine cover I used Photo Shop. In order to create stills for magazine cover I took some print screens from my finished music video which I thought best represented the band but also incorporated the colours I used to create a brand image in my album cover, these colours were blue red and yellow.

I took my ideas for the album cover from popular music magazines such as Kerrang! And ‘NME.’ These are the magazines in which I would expect to see such new up and coming bands like Mox Pox. The magazines not only show readers the new releases but also release exclusive interviews from the bands such as Razorlight, and The Artic Monkeys.

An interesting layout I found in one NME magazine was entitled ‘Exclusive First Interview’ and featured Artic Monkey and heart throb Alex Turner. I decided to base my magazine advert around this as I liked the colours and layout used. Although my article was perhaps slightly unconventional due to a college of pictures as apposed to one still of the band with text overlapping it. I copied the layout of the advert, using the black blocks containing the yellow writing in capitals. I thought this was eye catching for the audience and that is would stand out although the background picture was very vibrant and busy.

Each band member is present in the images in the background and using the stills from the video creates a great link for the band and makes the colours very familiar and easily associated with Mox Pox. Looking carefully and comparing the NME advert to my own the poses of the artists are very similar. They are both shots of the guitarist performing. I also incorporated shots of Jack (bassist) as well to create more general interest.