Sunday, 12 December 2010


to compliement the promotional video I will be creating for the band I also plan to film a short revealing the mechanics of the making of the video but also giving the audience an insight into the the thoughts and ideas of the band members when creating the song.

Here are a list of questions I plan to record during the interview with two band members, Jack Evison and Josh Harbord.

• What would you describe your music as?

• Who influenced you most to write this song?

• Explain the story behind the song ‘On Your Own Again’?

• Who created the name Mox Pox and how?

• Any ideas for future albums or gigs?

• Who would you compare yourselves to in the music industry?

• Why did you want to make music?

• Who was your biggest influence when writing the song?

• Any messages it is trying to convey to an audience?

• What bands and artists do you listen to most at the moment?

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