Sunday, 9 January 2011

Filming The Video, And Setting The Location.

I was able to use the same location I used for the still shots I took to experiement; Earth Studios. After much deliberation we decided to move the equipment closer to the microphones so I could get a better quality of sound. This worked quite successfully as it is far clearer than it would be if I had filmed it in one take. When editing I can then take this sound recording and put it over the top of my final film.

The location was very easy to arrange and close to my house as we needed to make arrangeents with the band. We used a studio called 'Earth Studios' this happens to be the studios in which the ban normally practise anyway so rehearsing and sorting out technical equipment were easy for the band to do as they were very famaliar with the sound equiptment. In total Earth Studios is perfect for new bands as it has a rest area, and six available spaces in which to practise.

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