Friday, 1 October 2010

Conventions of a music video.

The conventions of a music video depend heavily on the genre of music.

The shot types used are generally long shots, close ups and mid shots. This draws the audience's attention to the band member, suitable locations and the song and emotions that are put into it. Another aspect to consider when filming guitarists is the fret board at the top of the guitar. In order to focus on the talent and skills which the band or guitarists have, filming the hands and certain features relating to their instrument is often a very popular method. This is the same in regards to any band member especially the vocalist as the lyrics can be reflected through the movement of the lips using closeups. This also creates a close relationship between the audience and the band as it brings the two closer giving the audience more of an understanding of what the band stands for and the message they are trying to voice through their music. Particular closeups are filmed at various points in the video but usually to highlight emotional moments. This creates narrative and lets the story behind the lyrics and music unfold for the audience. It shows a visual story for the audience.


The movement of the camera is often used to follow the movement and journey the band makes through the song. Although this is a key part of the filming process in order to keep the audience entertained throughout the video, it is not always crucial. The video can be shot from perhaps a tripod and therefore remain static so the audience can still watch and enjoy the song as if at a live gig. I may using this technique in some parts of the video but do plan to give it storyline and background to interest and entertain my audience. A few examples of camera movements used are tilts, pans, tracking and sometimes even crane shots focusing in on the band from different levels and angles.

This term refers to the arrangement of the performers props in the location and everything which can be added to the scene for effect the same as it is with any other media text. It consists of the intricate details used to add originality to the text. Take for example the band in which I am creating a music video for, every little prop and everyday item in the scene may be significant to it's target audience even if its as simple as a cigarette or the instruments makeup or clothing they are wearing.


Jump cuts are often uses to create a quirky and upbeat image to match the chosen song. By wikipedia definition a jump cut is a cut in film editing in which two sequential shots of the same subject are taken from camera positions that vary only slightly. This type of edit causes the subject of the shots to appear to "jump" position in a discontinuous way. To create effects to the cuts, producers often use effects such as fading and dissolving to make the scene changes appear more mysterious and add a flow to the music video to contrast with the jump cuts. Effects such as these are often used at the end of the video. A prime example would be a power Ballard ending when the two lovers say good bye. The fade is often used to show and represent the emotion and loneliness a character or artist feels when heartbroken.


Often the lighting is used to enhance the mood which the song is intended to create. there is often great contrast between the genres of songs for example love songs, power ballards and songs with a generally slow paced tempo are filmed in black and white to create a very monotone look and clean finish to the piece. Whereas artist such as 'The Sex Pistols' whose videos were filmed in colour appear to stand out from the crowd and are very vibrant. This sends out a rebellious message, an image I believe would suit Mox Pox and make them noticed by their target audience.

The sound is generally the vocals and recordings of the band which needs to be clear and premise when the editing of the filming is being uploaded etc. The only expection to this is the use of diagetic sounds at the start of the video, for example motorbikes or cars revving, or perhaps even birds singing. These sounds are generally seen in the establishing location shots of the video. A prime example of this is Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'.

There are not very many comments I can make about props however the do add worth and significance to the scene.


I think this genre represents the video I'd like to portray for Mox Pox.

- Black & White effect

- The Artist or band tends to be shown throughout the video

- Use of extreme closeups and long shots are popular to show location

- Fast paced

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