Friday, 1 October 2010

Initial Ideas for Music - 'Don't Let Go.' or 'On Your Own Again'


My initial idea was to film quite a romantic genre of music video, perhaps on a beach location in an area local to me and easy to get to. The concept behind the video is love. A couple questioning their relationship, one perhaps slightly more hesitant than the other. During the chorus the lyrics are, 'Don't let go, right before the sun falls'. I think it would be effective to use a sunset scene on the beach with the characters in the video in silhouette.

A symbolic feature that would be effective would be to have the couple holding hands and then letting go at the end as a visual interpretation of the song's lyrics. This would be shot in a monotone style, in entirely black and white. The shot types I would use here are close-ups, reaction shots, shot reverse shots and long establishing shots so I can include as much of the scenery as possible to set the mood. It is an easily recognisable icon for a couple to be holding hands and a strong and well known image all around the globe.

After much deliberation it was decided that this would not be suitable as the track is very upbeat and modern. After speaking to Josh Harbord lead vocalist, I realised that the band's image does not fit with the traditional love power ballard that many bands in the modern day write and perform. Mox Pox are far more up to date and diverse to follow typical conventions and stereotypes.


The second idea I had for the video was to film the bands very first gig in a public place, taking place in a couple of weeks at a local venue. Although this would create a perfect live atmosphere and be an interesting experience for the band, after a lot of thought and discussion with the band we came to a decision that perhaps this would slightly tedious for the audience as the video would be extended as it would be a live version. Other problems I may face with this would be that the sound and camera quality would not be very clear and easily watchable for the target audience. The camera angles will not be precise and will be very shaky and hand held.
Filming in one venue may appear to have no given storyline or narrative.


For my final idea, I plan to base my video on the success of the band. This idea is to show the different stages of rehearsal, song writing and then to top it all off final performance at their local gig, 'Battle Of the Bands'. I chose to use this idea in final thoughts as it is a simple way to film the band in diffrent environments and locations, making it exciting and interesting for the audience watching.

Filming the stages of the video evolving is an idea used by famous band 'The Beatles.' Another idea which crossed my mind was filming the band in various city locations, just walking and 'hanging around' as it were, this will introduce them better to their audience.

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