Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Self Image & Message to Audience.

Basing them selves heavily around influences Jimi Hendrix, The Smiths, Cream and British rock bands such as these, it is evident that for the video the band will have a rebellious image to represent to an audience. I have a feeling that the video will send out a message to the audience about standing up for something you believe in and making a point of breaking the rules. Many of the bands songs also involve love and lust such as one song in which the chorus lyrics are 'Tonight Your Gonna Drive Me Mad..' lyrics that suggest perhaps a more explicit setting involving seduction. this would appeal to perhaps an older target audience. Band members say the target audience age range is 15-30 years and these are the type of public more likely to attend their up and coming gigs. The theme of love also gives me more inspriation for location of the video, for example perhaps a scene in the evening in a club or bar. The band send out that message that they are new and diverse and challenging society with their music, not leading a conventional lifestyle, being typical teenagers.

During this very famous era, Hendrix is widely known for and associated with the use of psychedelic drugs, an image not to be associated with the band however perhaps psychedelic effects could be used to enhance the music video and link it to their inspiration.

From many of the artists and band's inspriation I have looked at I quite like the idea of following the psychedelic theme, when creating their album cover as it fits well with their image and also the message they are trying to convey.

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